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About Us

Established in September 2003, Beyond Dance has become a "home-away-from-home" for almost two decades of young dancers from all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds.

We believe it is important to make dance fun for everyone and to keep the classes both enjoyable yet challenging. That way, the students will continue their interest and desire for learning in the arts and entertainment industry.

We like to make it easy for our parents to see their children progress in their dance education. In each of our studios we have viewing windows where at the end of each class, the students put on a short performance or show an exercise they are working on. It is great to see how your child grows and develops their dance ability each week.

We offer classes to children and adults, beginner to advanced levels and everyone in between.

Take a look at our schedule to come in & try a free class on us!

Why Take Dance?

At Beyond Dance, we provide dance education for your child hoping to give them an experience that will enrich their lives on several levels.

Participating in dance will help your child:


~ Develop coordination, grace and physical fitness.


~ Develop a life-long appreciation for music, dance, and the arts.


~ Stimulate his/her creative side and develop self-expression.


~ Build self-esteem and confidence to feel at home with their body so growing up is easier.

Inside the Studio

When you come to our studios, you will see the waiting room is always clean and has plenty of seating for parents. Ownership & desk assistants are always happy to help answer you may have about your child's experience. The changing room is great for students to have some privacy and offers a place to store their belongings while they are in the classroom. A large and convenient parking lot is available in the Cleveland Plaza for all parents to use.

Visit our "sister" studio on-line

Generations of Dance
located in Landing, NJ


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